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Who we are

EWP is a private, inter-church and community creative arts and media production company which presents the gospel using high entertainment-value media.  

What we do

One of the main projects from 2013 to 2016 was working with the Omak Chamber of Commerce and the City to create and help develop the "Christmas on Main Street" event (an expansion of the Christmas Parade and Santa House) as well as producing specific entertainment for the event.  Our company produced the following:

  • Costumed Carolers

  • Fireworks (with assistance when we did class 'B' professional display)

  • Audio/Sound on Main Street (with contractor)

  • Caroler parade performance

  • Choral presentation of the Christmas Story

  • Initial event conceptual ideas 

  • Original soundtrack used at event (with exception of instrumental 'tail' at end)

What's ahead

Filmmaking is next on the horizon.  A release of the short film 'The Runner' is upcoming, a parable in the sports story genre (see the trailer on the 'video' page).  Other films are in the works.

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